Grow Nutrients For Potted Plants


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Can I use Plant Nutrient - Grow for soilless plants?

Yes! Modern Sprout created this formula to be used for both soil gardening and in soilless plant media. Either way, this nutrient solution ensures your plants get what they need to grow. Check out Modern Sprout’s Garden Jars, Terracotta Kits, and Bamboo Grow Kits — all of which use a self-watering, passive hydroponics system that draws water and nutrients from a reservoir up to your plant’s roots — ideal for urban gardeners and busy households.

What naturally sourced ingredients are found in this plant nutrient?

This Grow formula is sourced from land- and ocean-based essential minerals, including:

  • Fish meal
  • Composted seabird guano
  • Kelp
  • Rock phosphate
  • Potassium carbonate
  • Magnesium carbonate
  • Calcium carbonate
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