About us

Evelie Blu Boutique was founded in 2014 in St. Cloud, MN. The name Evelie comes from the founders mothers name, Evelyn and her daughters name, Ellie. Put together the two most important women in the founders life Evelyn and Ellie became Evelie with Blu added as a trendy touch.

The amazing personal stylists at Evelie Blu Boutique make a lasting connection with customers. They are familiar with the clothing and are educated with information about fit and styling tips to coach customers with the best information to make your wardrobe complete. From the beginning, we’ve believed in the power of styles that fit. That's what makes us different. We buy clothing from markets nationwide with this philosophy in mind and a focus on the women of midlife age and beyond. For every piece we curate, we ask how it will fit, inspire women to feel good and help them express their personality and individuality with confidence.

We Live For Classic Style
Inspired by the world around us—and the bold women who live in it—our prints, colors, jewelry and details are curated to be original yet classic with a touch of trend.

We’re Always Here For You
When you shop at Evelie Blu Boutique, you have your own personal stylist (along with her outfitting expertise) and it’s complimentary! Take advantage of the knowledge your stylist has to offer.

We Figure It Out (So You Don’t Have To)
From machine-washable styles, reversible pieces and no-iron shirts to body-enhancing technology and fits that really flatter—we’re obsessed with figuring out solutions to make life easier.